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Welcome to The FMS Reporter

Long-term health challenges are a complicated and often debilitating issue that can seem like crawling through a maze in a very dark tunnel. It has many overlapping symptoms and seemingly just as many causes, which is why it can be so difficult for even experts to know how to properly treat.

Couple this with the fact that not every ‘body’ will respond the same to the exact same protocol and you have a recipe for confusion. This was certainly the case with me and my long journey of long-term health challenges that I suffered through for over 15 years.

This website is dedicated to those that are suffering like I was and for those who believe that there is another way to address your health conditions besides just giving up and taking toxic drugs for the rest of your life.

-The FMS Reporter


What Is Biofilm?

Biofilm is at the heart of almost all long-term health conditions out there and is the reason why so many conditions are so difficult to fully eradicate. Simply put, if your treatment protocol isn’t addressing the biofilm overgrowth, it is bound to fail every time.

Learn more about the biofilm connection and download our FREE, Biofilm Buster Action Plan here.